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Sarah's Winter Wellness Tips

The colder months are upon us and lack of motivation, winter bugs and a general “slow down” of our lives and routine often come along with it. We sat down with Sarah, Owner and Principal Physio at Featherstone Physio Pilates to discover her top tips for staying well and warm as Winter approaches.

1. Stay warm. It seems obvious, but keeping warm during the colder months can help to avoid muscle tension and the fatigue that comes with being cold. This is a great excuse to purchase a cosy jumper or coat from Darling and Domain or a wrap-around, locally made hot pack from Featherstone.

2. Grab moments of stillness and take 3 breaths. Enhance these moments with essential oils or fresh smells from nature or your morning coffee. Learn more about the Importance of Breath in Michelle’s blog.

3. Change your movement goals for the season

Workout inside in a warm, cosy place, nourish yourself, prioritise sleep, set realistic goals and have a plan according to the season.

4. Commit to your wellness goals with a friend for fun, staying power and accountability. Its harder to stay motivated in the cold, wintery months so do all you can to stick to it.

5. Stay active and learn how to move efficiently to nourish your body. Movement is medicine. Your body is a fabulous barometer/feedback tool. Pause long enough to listen, learn how to listen, respond, and nurture. Some of the subtlest movements or gentle breathwork can have a surprisingly large positive impact on your wellbeing. Wear clothes that are comfy and promote movement and breath.

6. Boost your immunity through destressing with remedial bodywork, breathwork, stretching and don’t underestimate the power of a short walk outside (in the rain is even more invigorating).

7. Address pain, niggles, tension sooner rather than later.

8. Embrace the cold, darker days, flip your perspective and get out into the elements to feel alive. Enjoy rugging up and snuggling up.

9. Hydrate. In the winter months many people forget to drink enough water. Hydration improves skin quality, fascial slide and glide, helps regulate body temp and keeps joints lubricated. Additionally, it Improves sleep quality, cognition and mood. Reach for your water bottle now.

10. Carve out time for things that make you content. Joy and movement are integrated.

As Sarah's gift to you, check out her Winter Wellness Flow you can do anywhere, anytime to improve your health this winter.

If you’re curious about guidance toward wellness through movement, breath and evolving your body awareness AND capacity to respond to your body and achieve your goals Featherstone would be honoured to work with you. Drop into the studio to see what’s happening or book an appointment to prioritise you and your wellbeing. The benefits will ripple through to your family and community.


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