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With a specialised and experienced team of Women's Health & Pelvic Health trained Physios at Featherstone, we are passionate about supporting women on their pre & postnatal journeys to ensure they feel safe and confident in their bodies during this special time.

Featherstone offers specific pre & postnatal Physio assessments and private & semi-private Physio exercise rehab sessions


We encourage all pregnant women (no matter what stage of their pregnancy) and postnatal women (at any stage after 6 weeks) to book a Pelvic Health Assessment with our Women's Health & Pelvic Health trained Physios to ensure they are aware of how they can safely continue or return to exercise and to educate them on the importance of correct use of their pelvic floor.

This comprehensive 1 hour assessment may include an internal pelvic floor assessment or real-time Ultrasound to assess and educate on pelvic floor use and activation. It will also cover lifestyle and exercise factors to consider and individualised exercise guidelines catered to the clients needs.

This assessment is required before joining any group classes or Physio exercise rehab sessions at Featherstone.

Pelvic Health Assessment
Pregnancy, Prenatal, Postnatal & Pelvic Health Physio Appointments & Classes in Mosman Park at Featherstone Physio Pilates


Our pregnancy & postnatal packages are designed to help you move well, feel well and save money! These packages are intended for all stages of pregnancy, and up to 9 months postpartum.

Assessment Package includes:

1 Hour Pelvic Health Consult 

2x 45min Private Exercise Rehab Equipment sessions

$400 (save $100)

*Valid for 6 weeks from first appointment*

Semi-Private Equipment Pack includes

10x Semi-private sessions 

$550 (save up to $100)

*Valid for 4 months from first appointment*

*must have attended consult + private equipment sessions to join semi-private*

All sessions are eligible for private health insurance rebates. 



There's never a better time to nurture yourself, when you need it the most. Remedial massage is a moderate to deep massage targeting specific areas of tension, adhesions, trigger points and pain. The therapist uses skilled techniques combined with in-depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology to bring about pain relief, correcting and normalising the body’s muscles and soft tissues.​

Elena and Claire are both available for Pregnancy safe Massage - please advise us at time of booking.

Preg Massage


We welcome pregnant women up to 20 weeks in our group classes, providing they have no complications, pain or concerns and it is not a new exercise for them.

If you are experiencing any complications or pain, or if Pilates is a new exercise for you, please book an Initial Pelvic Health Consult prior to joining group classes. 

We ask all postnatal women to please book an Initial Pelvic Health Consult before joining group classes.

Group Classes
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