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Comprehensive Physio, sports Physio, women’s, continence and pelvic health Physio, complex pain Physio, Physio exercise rehab, GLA:D™ osteoarthritis management, pre and post-operative Physio, general Pilates, therapeutic laser, and remedial massage catering for all ages, levels and needs.

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Book a free 10 minute phone or video chat with one of our amazing Physios and they can guide you into the most suitable appointment for your goals and needs.

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For the assessment and treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction (including incontinence, prolapse or pain) as well as perinatal pelvic health care.


Using post graduate training in this extended scope of practice, Pelvic Health Physios will utilise tools such as the non-invasive real-time ultrasound through to internal exams, depending on your presentation, to accurately assess and treat your concerns.


Under guidance from Felicity, Electrical Stimulation and Biofeedback are available options for treatment, should they be required.



Exercise Rehab

Physio Exercise Rehab Appointments are run by our qualified Physios to assist in addressing specific injuries, optimising pain free movement and focusing on client specific goals.

Utilising a combination of Pilates and dynamic functional training equipment including Core Align, cable weight machine and free weights. Each client receives attention and supervision in accordance with their individual requirements.

A minimum of 1 - 2 private sessions are required before joining a semi-private session.

Physio Mat Private sessions will enhance your awareness and outcomes of mat class sessions.



Remedial massage is a moderate to deep massage targeting specific areas of tension, adhesions, trigger points and pain. The therapist uses skilled techniques combined with in-depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology to bring about pain relief, correcting and normalising the body’s muscles and soft tissues.

Essential oils or natural anti-inflammatory lotion are used to enhance the experience.

Remedial Massage Appointments are eligible for Private Health Insurance Rebates

Elena and Claire are both available for Pregnancy Massage - please advise us at time of booking.



Instructor Private

An individual appointment to focus on your own goals and specific needs. Private sessions will enhance your awareness and outcomes in classes and help you set up a self practice all about you.


Choose your certified instructor- PILATES, YOGA, STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING, BREATH WORK - and they will design a session especially for you. 


Equipment sessions may utilise a combination of Pilates apparatus, dynamic functional training equipment including Core Align, cable weight machine, free weights, treadmill and exercise bike.

Good Living with Arthritis (GLA:D), Remedial Massage and Acupuncture in Mosman Park at Featherstone Physio Pilates

GLA:D™ (Good living with Arthritis: Denmark)

GLA:D™ (Good living with Arthritis: Denmark) is an evidence based education and exercise program for those with hip or knee osteoarthritis (OA). This program reflects best practice and is the best first treatment recommended by the AMA (Australian Medical Assoc.) and the APA (Australian Physio Assoc.) for anyone with mild, moderate or severe hip/knee osteoarthritis.

It is also applicable for pre- or post- hip and knee joint replacement surgery.

In Australia OA is the most common lifestyle disease in individuals over 65 years but can also affect individuals as young as 30 years. Treatment of OA usually focuses on surgery but the GLA:D™ offers a better, safer and cheaper alternative. Research also shows that this program can enhance surgical outcomes.

The full GLA:D™ program consists of an Initial Assessment, 1 Education Session and 12x Exercise Sessions

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