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Boutique Pilates Studio & Physio Clinic in Mosman Park at Featherstone Physio Pilates


  • Online Bookings
    Our schedule is managed by the MindBody system. To book a session hit the BOOK CLASS OR BOOK APPT. button, where you will then be directed to an external MindBody login. Please follow the MindBody prompts as required. If you are navigated outside of the Featherstone website, you may return to the Featherstone website at any stage by hitting the Featherstone logo at the top of any of the MindBody pages. You can also manage your bookings easily on your mobile phone/tablet using the MindBody app. Please CONTACT US if you need assistance with bookings.
  • Do I need a referral?
    No referral required for private clients, however if you have a referral bring this to your consultation as it assists collaborative care with your doctor. We like to communicate with them during and at the completion of your treatment. You will need a referral if: you are covered through Medicare’s Enhanced Primary Care Program you have been injured at work and are covered through a Workers’ Compensation Scheme. you have been in a motor vehicle accident and are covered through the Insurance Commission. you are a Department of Veteran’s Affairs patient (DVA).
  • Can I claim a private health insurance rebate for the sessions?
    All sessions conducted by a Physiotherapist are eligible for private health fund rebates. Rebates differ between funds so please contact the insurer for specific information. Please note however that no rebates apply to the Mat Intro Class Pack or Unlimited Memberships.
  • Do you accept Enhanced Primary Care (EPC)/Team Care Management Plan Clients?
    Yes. You must have a current referral from your doctor. You will be required to pay in full the cost of the appointment and then claim the rebate back from Medicare.
  • Do you accept Workers Compensation claims and Motor Vechicle Accident claims?
    Yes, however Workers Compensation claims and Motor Vehicle Accident claims require a Doctors referral, work cover certificate with other work cover information (eg claim number, case manager’s name and contact information). With the appropriate information we can bill the insurer directly.
  • Do you accept DVA Clients?
    Yes. You must have a current referral from your doctor.
  • Do you accept NDIS clients?
    Yes, we accept self managed and plan managed NDIS patients. Please be sure to book a 60min Initial Appointment.
  • I’m not sure which class/appointment to attend?
    Please visit our Classes or Appointments pages for more information or please CONTACT US and we will help you decide the best option for you.
  • What do I bring to an initial appointment?
    Please bring any relevant x-rays, scans (MRI’s, ultrasounds etc) or doctors letters related to your injury, if you have them.
  • Do I have to have a particular injury to gain from an appointment or class with a physio or Pilates Instructor?
    No – we address a lot more than pain. For example; postural concerns, movement disorders, sports and recreational goals. We believe in being proactive in preventing muscle and joint imbalances that lead to pain and injury.
  • Do I have to be young and fit to attend Physio or Pilates classes?
    No – that’s the beauty of physiotherapy and Pilates. We can tailor the session for your needs whether you are 10 or 90 years old.
  • Can kids and teens attend?
    Kids and teens are welcome for all appointments and classes. We have specific teen Physio pat classes and private and semi-private appointments with Physios and Pilates Instructors. Please enquire via our Contact Page.
  • What do I wear?
    Please wear comfortable, form fitting gym attire that allows the physio to view your posture and movements clearly. Sticky socks are recommended.
  • What do I bring to a class?
    Please bring a hand towel and water.
  • Appointment pricing
    Please see our appointment rates via the button located on our booking page HERE
Boutique Pilates Studio & Physio Clinic in Mosman Park at Featherstone Physio Pilates
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