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Benefits of Remedial Massage

Remedial massage provides a range of therapeutic benefits from relaxation and stress relief to perceptible improvements in mobility. Many of us underestimate the impact of tight muscles on our ease of movement and levels of pain or discomfort, often blaming other factors such as the inevitability of aging.

A wonderful and fascinating element of the human body is that everything is connected! Muscles attach to tendons which attach to bone, and this can cause pulling and discomfort if they become tight. Myofascial connective tissue weaves through muscle and can become stiff and inflexible with lack of movement.

Remedial massage can be greatly beneficial for reducing muscular tension and facilitating myofascial release. Massage can therefore be beneficial in treating a wide assortment of conditions including sciatic pain, whiplash, tennis/golfer’s elbow and tension headaches.

It can also be highly beneficial for exercise recovery. A 2008 study demonstrated that massaged muscles were shown to recover more quickly from exercise, with less damaged fibres and fewer signs of inflammation.

Massage encourages increased blood flow throughout the muscles as pressure, movement and gentle stretching techniques are applied, improving circulation and stimulating the lymphatic system.

Additionally, the gentle, rhythmical movement of massage induces a parasympathetic nervous system response (rest, repair and digest mode). This makes massage highly beneficial for reducing stress, which has many positive knock-on effects for overall wellbeing.

Heart rate is reduced, and blood pressure lowers in a parasympathetic state, and the reduction of stress hormone production has a positive effect on immune function.

Whatever your treatment goals are, remedial massage is a powerful ally in your journey towards improved health and wellbeing!

If you’re interested in experiencing the benefits of remedial massage, you can book in with either myself or Elena here

We’re here to help you feel better within your body!


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