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Why Runners (& Walkers & Hikers...) Need Pilates

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Our body is designed to run and walk with an upright posture and natural alignment, from the top of the head through to pushing off our toes. The trouble is, we have lost some of this natural ability to run, walk and hike with ease due to life’s need to get things done fast and efficiently (it seems so much easier to drive the car even short distances, right?)

We also sit for long periods for many reasons (remember, sitting is the 21st century’s smoking...) and then expect our body to just shake this off and do what we demand it to do at the drop of a hat, without fanfare (warm up) or consequence (tightness/injury). Plus let’s face it, life is stressful, particularly these days and often, our bodies are suffering because of it.

Sure, we may feel a bit stiffer than when we were teenagers and put this down to the natural ageing process, but is this because we don’t treat our bodies as well as they deserve? Even our cars get a regular service. Oil and water get topped up, tires run thin and get changed, and if any red lights blink at us on the dash, we immediately do something about it before something breaks down. Maybe we could treat our bodies as well as our cars? Just a thought...

A regular and targeted Pilates practice gives us the potential to prevent injuries from poor muscle balance and joint inflexibility, improve pliability and energy in your body with exercises that enhance spinal and limb alignment and mobility, to get the full benefit of our natural ability to run, hike or walk. Enhance enjoyment, capacity and performance of your running, walking and hiking.

Imagine the joy of running and walking fluidly and easily, feeling our bodies bound forwards and having a spring in each step, as we enjoy the journey - just like we are designed to. That’s what we all want!

Support your running, hiking or walking goals with a highly specific and balanced weekly workout in Michelle’s Pilates for Runners class 7am every Wednesday morning. Work on your own body within a group environment which specifically targets trunk and limb alignment, joint mobility, flexibility and control and muscle strength and conditioning all relevant to running, walking and hiking (and just life in general!) Maybe even find friends to run, walk, hike with.


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