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Felicity Munro

Principal Pelvic Health & Continence Physiotherapist

Masters of Clinical Physiotherapy (Women’s Health and Continence)

Bachelor of Science (Physiotherapy) 

DMA Pilates certified

Titled Australian Physiotherapy Association Pelvic Health & Continence Physiotherapist

Member of the Australian College of Physiotherapists (MACP)

Felicity is passionate about allowing people to participate in activities they love without hindrance from pelvic floor dysfunction

To empower people with knowledge and confidence about their bodies and good movement to improve their quality of life

She has 20+ years’ experience in private and public health sectors providing musculoskeletal physiotherapy and exercise rehabilitation and over 10 years’ experience specialising in pelvic health for women and men, treating everything from urinary and faecal incontinence to prolapse issues, hypertonic pelvic floor muscles, post-prostatectomy concerns and pelvic pain syndromes.

Goal: To be kind, non-judgemental and empathetic to others and a great mother to my kids and commit to continued learning for life.

Felicity Munro


Felicity Munro

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