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Sophie Wells

Certified Polestar Pilates Instructor

Certified Polestar Pilates Mat Instructor

Sophie trained full-time in ballet for 5 years and was introduced to Pilates through her training. She discovered Pilates during rehab while recovering from a back injury – Pilates enabled her to get back to dancing stronger than ever. From then on it became an integral part of her dance training and has remained an extremely important part of her movement practise even as she has moved away from ballet to pursue a career in other dance styles.

Her love of Pilates has grown over time, and she turned to teaching to expand her knowledge and share her love of Pilates with others. She believes that everyone can reach their movement goals and find joy in moving their body.

Goal: To keep learning and challenging my body with movement, while helping others to feel more connected with their bodies and what they are capable of!

Sophie Wells


Sophie Wells

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