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Courtney Sprunt

Associate Physiotherapist, Certified Polestar Pilates Instructor

BSc Science (Physiotherapy)

Polestar Pilates Certified Mat Practitioner

Pilates Reformer Certified

Barre Instructor qualified

Courtney's passion for the human body and movement was ignited during her years as a dedicated dancer. Through the challenges of injury and the pursuit of peak physical performance, she discovered her calling in physiotherapy and pilates. Believing firmly in the healing power of movement, Courtney is committed to helping others achieve their goals, recover from injuries, and enhance their performance. 

Currently completing Polestar studio rehab, she has a special interest in pilates rehabilitation, strength/conditioning, and treating runners and dancers.

Goal: to continuously learn and improve, striving for the best quality of life physically and mentally while empowering others to find joy in movement

Courtney Sprunt


Courtney Sprunt

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