Claire Reid

Principal Sports Physiotherapist

Master of Physiotherapy (Sports)

Bachelor of Science (Physiotherapy)

Titled Australian Physiotherapy Association Sports Physiotherapist

Member of the Australian College of Physiotherapists (MACP)

Claire is rewarded by helping people to achieve their movement goals, be it running a marathon, returning to play tennis, or being able to reach to brush their hair.

She enjoys problem solving and the complexity of applying scientific reasoning to varied individuals and loves learning and evolving with the ever-changing knowledge base that shapes our practice as Physiotherapists

Over the last 20 plus years Claire has worked with people in all stages of life and activity level including teenagers and older children with injuries related to growth and sporting load. Her speciality areas include management of tendon injuries (tendinopathy), particularly in the shoulder, knee and hip.

Goal: To stay strong, fit and to continue to challenge myself with new goals and skills. To surf, do a solo swim to Rottnest and to master handstand push ups! Most importantly, to have fun whilst doing it all.

Claire Reid


Claire Reid