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Chiara von Perger

Senior Physiotherapist, Pilates & Movement Specialist

BSc Physiology

B. App Sc (Physiotherapy) Curtin University

Post Grad Dip Sports Physiotherapy (Curtin University)

Certified Polestar Pilates Practitioner

Chiara has a passion for wellness associated with holistic health. Combining movement and breath work is integral to her approach and she believes that movement rehabilitation and managing pain is also essential for this, combined with injury prevention and active ageing.

Chaira has a long history of working in orthopedic rehabilitation and managing sporting injuries in many different places in the world with a special interest holistic health and wellness, pre and post operative rehabilitation from orthopedic surgery, spinal, muscular and joint injuries, chronic pain and arthritic conditions and Parkinson’s Disease.

Goals: To help clients to achieve their own goals both for fitness and living without fear of pain.

Chiara von Perger


Chiara von Perger

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